Links this is the most compressive list of Escape Rooms in the U.K.

UK BLOGS my personal favourite.  I greatly value Ken’s opinion.  His escape room experiences over the last few years has gone stratospheric. escape-rooms-yorkshire-and-nearby-areas Lock Us Up is the blog of Jamie & Sam, a mum & son duo (an odd combination, we know) who have together completed over 100 games across the UK. one of the best UK blogs for escape room tourists

Blogs from Round the World Awesome Australian Escape Room blogger New York Escape room blogger excellent Canadian escape room blog prolific Canadian Escape room blog a great blog with a similar philosophy – a must read in my opinion Play Exit Games is the world’s largest directory of live escape games. From Budapest to Cambridge. From Bangkok to New York. A really cool blog from the Southern Hemisphere. London based escape room blog.

The Escape Game Discount Card if you play escape rooms a lot get this card.

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