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Go West – Escape from East Berlin


Chief Inspector Ernst Gennat has a problem: the “Beast of Berlin” has struck again, directly in his office. You’re employees of the special commission and your task is to find the hiding place of the rampant serial killer. The gripping true story will catapult you directly into Berlin’s roaring twenties.

The Room is a well established escape room, 10 minutes walk from the Stasi Museum in Litchenberg Berlin.  They say you always remember your first and when it comes to escape rooms this is no less true.  I had no expectations about the experience only really knowing you were locked in a room and had to solve puzzles to get out.    As we walked further and further down Ruschestrasse becoming ever more surrounded by residential housing; I must admit I began to wonder whether this was in fact a real thing.  I was more than a little relieved when I was saw The Room facade coming into view.

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We arrived with plenty of time to spare but because of the vast array of difficult puzzles in the reception area it didn’t really matter. The designer and owner was was welcoming and explained clearly what was about to happen.  His dog was pretty awesome too.  Since we had been to the Museum of East Berlin that day it seemed fitting to try ‘Escape from East Berlin’.  Shortly prior to our allocated time arrived we were briefed about the dos and don’ts of escape room etiquette, then taken down by lift to the basement of the building.  This only added to the intrigue.  I won’t go into any details about the experience itself but I will comment on several aspects of the game.  The décor and furnishings were perfectly period for all rooms, most of which belonged to the creator in his youth.  Our initial headless chicken approached bore some fruit and the couple of promptings we received allowed us to progress with relative ease.  Every now and again I must admit I do have a quick look on the Facebook page to see if anyone broke our 41:41 time.  I did see one a few days ago at 41:04 but they had a nerd factor of 9.4.   The creator told us of a mysterious group of super room gamers who achieved 36:50.  The competitive side of me kind of wants to beat every record but I wonder if you can truly enjoy the ex10653467_981181325234314_536552221613385908_nexperience by only spending just over half an hour in the room.  I still maintain 41:41 is a great time for Escape Room virgins.  The creator rates this at a difficulty level of 3/5.  This rating is obviously relative but I would certainly agree was easier than the Beast of Berlin.

After escaping we couldn’t stop talking about the experience.  Because we were a team of 5 there were a number of puzzles and clues that some of us missed so we recreated the adventure as we talked back to the main road.

In summary the Décor was first rate, the story line was perfectly in keeping with the setting, the puzzles were rich and varied with a number of excellent constructed mechanisms.  This room comes highly recommended.

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