The Room


The Room is a multi award winning 3 dimensional puzzle game for the IPad, This 2012 best game of the year winner has set the standard for this kind of game and to be honest has never been beaten except perhaps by its sequels. FireProof Games is a British development team. They broke even on the initial 60k investment within the first week of release and by 2016 the 3 games had sold over 11 million copies. Now if you look for something comparable you will find a ton of “opening door”style games such as DOORS and it’s sequels but in all honesty I have yet to find anything that even comes close.

The Room ticks every box you can conceive of. Graphics are outstanding, story telling is excellent, puzzles are strong and even the music has the ability to draw you into the game without being intrusive. The Room is the perfect introduction to both the series and this kind of game play.

If you are interested in game design or puzzle design check out their Flickr behind the scenes page. It’s a fascinating look into the process by which this extraordinary game was made.

Of course the best news for everyone is that the next instalment of the room is due for release on the 25th of January. When the Room 2 and 3 were released I was convinced there was nothing new or better they could do. I was wrong then and I am now convinced the Room: Old Sins will push the envelope again. Try it, you will beg for more,


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