Journal 29

I picked this up from Amazon about 6 months ago and after playing a handful of pages I decided to save it for my next international trip. This extremely well put together puzzle book is something to enjoy with others. So, most days while I was in Hong Kong and Bangkok, the Puzzle Queen and I worked our way through Journal 29. Now I have heard a number of people complain that the lack of a coherent back story was a weakness. To be honest, I kind of liked the lack of a story. The book contained puzzles, pure and simple. For those of you who have played it, it is the puzzle book equivalent of the White Room in Budapest.

So why do I like Journal 29 so much? The variety of puzzles are excellent. Most are limited to logic contained within the pages but some break that rule and require external knowledge. I didn’t mind that here. I also liked Journal 29 because of the clever way in which it uses the physicality of the book itself. Don’t worry no spoilers. Another reason to get Journal 29 is the hint website. We were fortunate not to use it often but there were a few pages where we needed the cryptic advice of others, particular thanks to Yoda! The other strong feature is the use of the internet to ensure after solving a page you have something external to give you keys to subsequent pages. If you are playing this abroad you will need internet access.

I am counting down the months to the much anticipated sequel.


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