Adventox – A Day in West London


Adventox hasn’t quite been open a year but has already gained a reputation for solid games and a professional approach to the industry.  You will find Adventox in a small shopping centre 1 minute walk from the Shepherd’s Bush tube station. Just go up the escalators of the west 12 centre and look right. You can’t miss it.

If West 12 wasn’t big enough for you then it’s just a short walk from Westfield Shopping centre, London’s largest indoor shopping venue. If you having a family day out with younger children you should definitely consider visiting Kidzania on the first floor of Westfields. You can spend a  fun couple of hours introducing kids to the world of work in a really interactive way.

It doesn’t matter if you arrive at Adventox early because there is a spacious reception area with a water cooler and a few puzzles to keep you busy.  If you are really early you could pop next door and get a cheap drink in the Weatherspoons.  Avoid the food though, it was pretty poor.  Instead, if you are hungry, go to the Aroma Buffet W12 for a quality ‘all you can eat’ Chinese/Japanese.

Other recommendations –  make your way back to the south bank and visit the Globe theatre.  Check listings but that evening we went to see Romeo and Juliet.  The 5 pound tickets represent incredible value but you have to stand (in much the same way as Elizabethan punters)

Escape Rooms

There are 2 games you can play, both of which have double rooms, so if you want to race another team this is the perfect venue for you.

We played both games and generally felt very positive about the experience. I enjoyed the somewhat theatrical briefings for both games, although not everyone agreed. Alcatraz was first. Initially this feels like 20 other split prison cell rooms but after about 10 minutes it starts to distinguish itself from others. What I enjoyed most was the cohesive narrative that holds throughout the game. The other great thing about about the room is it’s immersive quality; Alcatraz felt real. The puzzles for the most part were logical and appropriate for the experience.  If you have never played an escape room before you will probably be blown away.  If you have played a lot you will still enjoy the experience and be glad you went even though there isn’t the same kind of wow factor you might get with a few other other games.  We escaped in good, but not too good time.

Next was a James Bond style spy game called Mission X.  Again there was a theatrical briefing before we entered the room.  Having played one game after another you cannot help but compare.  In short the hotel room feel worked but didn’t wow.  The real strength of the experience were the puzzles.  I thought they were a lot stronger than the previous game even though the immersion didn’t feel as tight.  There were a couple of wow factors that left me wondering which room I liked more.

I preferred the puzzles in the Mission X but preferred the story and immersion of Alcatraz.  Bottom line was I like them both for different reasons.  If I used a rating system I would probably say 4/5.   Adventox have now established themselves as players on the escape room scene but they still have to refine some elements toe move up to being market leaders.    Definitely worth  a visit.


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