One day in Tallinn

We caught the Ferry masquerading as a cruise ship from Helsinki to Tallinn.  The couple of hour journey was an event in itself.  The is always a live band playing and some very interesting dancing almost non stop.  You know you are leaving Finland because all of a sudden everything starts getting much cheaper.

The Medieval walled city of Tallinn is within walking distance of the ferry port but a taxi will do the job for a reasonable fee.

Accommodation was plentiful and options stretched from high end to budget with ease.

Tallinn plays heavily on its medieval heritage and for good reason.  It is a beautifully compact city with a rich history whether it be climbing 15th century tower or visiting the Estonian Museum of Occupations, there is something for everyone.

Escape Rooms


Claustrophobia as a global franchise boasts:

91 quests
97 unique scenarios
13 cities
years of work
574203 played games
1373798 winners
I have so far played one other claustrophobia game previously in Andorra.  I have come to expect high production values from this franchise and I wasn’t disappointed this time.  We played Gravity (yes it is basically the film) but you won’t find this elsewhere as this is not one one of the global franchise quests.  The room is essentially a self contained movie set with a few surprises up its sleeve.  The very plastic feel to the experience actually lends credibility to it.  You don’t feel link you are in a dressed up room because you are not.
The room itself is small, hence the 3 person limit and if you get motion sickness this may not be the room for you.  Whilst the puzzles are all solid and very relevant to the game you can’t help but think that maybe there aren’t enough.  This is probably to ensure you get to the end in plenty of time to experience the finale.  The anti search brigade need not feed however.  It is pretty much logically science based puzzles with a small dose of observation thrown in.  Over all this didn’t quite feel like a classic escape room but it really didn’t pretend to be.  The puzzles are essentially a prelude to end experience and it kind of feels that way.  Seasoned escapers will love to it as an experience and newbies will be totally blown away.
If the 3 games (with a 4th under construction wasn’t enough) wasn’t enough for you there are about 10 other companies to choose from.

Food and Drink

Without a doubt the best place to eat is Kompessor.  The very competitively priced pancake cafe serves gigantic savoury and sweet pancakes.  The beers are well priced too.  They don’t really serve much more than pancakes.

FullSizeRender (10)FullSizeRender (11).jpg

If you fancy something a bit unusual and in keeping with Tallin’s medieval past then visit III_Draakon.  Beer is both cheap and served in pot flagons and the tavern itself is set within the old thick walls of the town hall.

 FullSizeRender (8)

Things to do

If, after wondering the cobbled streets of the old town and visiting the numerous churches on the free or paid walking tours you still feel like you need more to do there are a number of excellent things to do.  Try the KGB museum.   It’s a fascinating look into the cold war and Soviet occupation of eastern Europe.  I’m a big fan of these kinds of museums but end up spending a large part of the time thinking about how it could be turned into am Escape room.

If you go at the end of May you will find an incredible Medieval festival with authentic craft, music, dancing and fighting.  It was the world finals of the battle reenactment competition.

FullSizeRender (12).jpgFullSizeRender (9).jpg


Stay: Zinc Old Town Hostel – Reasonably Priced private rooms; very central.

Escape Room: Claustrophobia – Graivity

Eat: Kompress

Drink: Ill Draakon

Visit: Old Town Tour, KGB Museum



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