2017 and beyond 

I have spent the last few days laying by the pool in a lovely resort in Mexico planning my escape room trips for 2017.  I am going back to Cluequest soon with hopefully all of team Hydra.  I have struggled to book InsideOut escape Ldn but hopefully will be able to secure a slot in March.  I may get chance to play one in Andorra in February but I’m unsure.  In the absence of the puzzle queen ( living back home in Oz) I need to find a new low maintenance escape room travel buddy for a trip during the Easter holidays.  The prime candidate is my new housemate commonly known as T Man.  I played one beta game with T man previously.  He is smart and the right kind of nerdy to make a good escape room buddy.  

So my ideas for Easter currently stand at either Ljubljana, Zagreb, Dubrovnik or possibly Hungary again then Bucharest.  A trip I have been longing to do for a long time now is Tallin, Helsinki then St Petersburg.  

I guess just watch this space.  


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