9 Countries, 55 Rooms -Mexico 

So strictly speaking this was less of an escape room tourism holiday and more of a laying by a pool in an all inclusive resort holiday.  I have a couple of more days left at the Hotel Tequila in Playa del Carman and whilst the pickings were slim in terms of escape rooms, the friend I am here with not only has never played a room before but actively dislikes the idea of playing.  As far as I can tell, escape rooms in mexico are still in their infancy with only 11 companies in a country of 120 million people.

After much arm twisting I finally convinced my friend to play.  Anomalia stands next door to the infamous Coco Bongo club so you really can’t miss it.  Just make sure to look up (it’s visible from outside but it’s on the 1st floor).  The pricing structure is really interesting.  They have 3 prices depending on the time of the day and the day itself.  The cheapest is about 50 quid and the most expensive is about 70 pounds.  You pay per room with no sliding scale based on numbers.  The designer was a pleasant Russian chap and they had been open for 8 months.  They have another game planned and programmed but they are unsure of the venue yet.

The room itself was impressive.  Very impressive.  It was highly technical the attention to detail was excellent.  The story is simple “You are a team of treasure seekers and only you are able to complete a lifework of the famous archeologist Michael Widges.  Find the Masks of the Mayan Gods, reveal the secrets of pyramids, and discover the mysteries of the future.”  I was a little bit apprehensive of an escape room that had a portion set outside.  I had played one before in Penang and it was appalling.  This however was Awesome literally with a capital A.  Scenery was first-rate, technology and design was some of the best I had ever seen.  The puzzles were varied but not overly hard except the last one which I couldn’t work out if it was broken or not.  It wasn’t!  So despite my best efforts of playing effectively as a one and baby sitting my friend I didn’t escape but was very, very close.  It is a highly interactive game definitely one that I would recommend particularly for beginners.


2017 and beyond 

I have spent the last few days laying by the pool in a lovely resort in Mexico planning my escape room trips for 2017.  I am going back to Cluequest soon with hopefully all of team Hydra.  I have struggled to book InsideOut escape Ldn but hopefully will be able to secure a slot in March.  I may get chance to play one in Andorra in February but I’m unsure.  In the absence of the puzzle queen ( living back home in Oz) I need to find a new low maintenance escape room travel buddy for a trip during the Easter holidays.  The prime candidate is my new housemate commonly known as T Man.  I played one beta game with T man previously.  He is smart and the right kind of nerdy to make a good escape room buddy.  

So my ideas for Easter currently stand at either Ljubljana, Zagreb, Dubrovnik or possibly Hungary again then Bucharest.  A trip I have been longing to do for a long time now is Tallin, Helsinki then St Petersburg.  

I guess just watch this space.