Happy Half Century

So picture this.. me sunning myself on a beach in the Canary Islands for several weeks.  Ok so it wasn’t a great sight to behold but it does make you wonder, sun, sea, scape room?  The perfect combination?   After two weeks of relaxing I’d had enough.  Fortunately a friend had just arrived from the UK and I now had a partner to do some escape rooms.  There are however only two companies on the Island.  Hungarian born Parapark, now in 17 locations world wide, opened first (and appears to have moved from Las Palmas to Playa del Inglis) and Fox in a Box, a fascinating franchise model working out of 25 locations in 11 countries and growing rapidly.

I had already played 3 Fox in a Box games in Nice last November which I really enjoyed (all is forgiven Zombie Lab).  Fox in a Box GC had the Bank game which I had already played but thankfully also the Prison escape I hadn’t.  At the time I figured this was the 4th and finally game in the FiaB saga.  I have subsequently discovered they have 7 games.  So anyway I got a cab to the location.  It wasn’t too difficult to find and when we arrived we were greeted warmly by an incredibly enthusiastic owner and his business partner.  The reception was cool and inviting.  My escape room partner Louis was a first timer and really enjoyed his experience.  I had thought initially if he is really rubbish I could perhaps play the game alone with him watching.  Hubris!  Sheer hubris!  We were separated into different cells from the outset and my super plan was foiled.

You absolutely know where you are with FiaB.  It really is a sign of quality.  The game was really strong, the environment was conducive good game play and the games master was very keen to please.  I would highly recommend this game experience.  A really nice tough was the owner took me round their bank game, which was probably still my favourite from the FiaB family.  It was really interesting to see how two different franchises used the same game.  Bottom line, if you want  a bit air-conditioned relief from the sweltering sun give this a try.  It is competitively priced and well worth it.


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