Fox in a Box


I must admit I never really took to the name.  However in an escape room business world saturated with Escape from this or Escape from that (hands off that name by the way I want it), something unusual and unique has sticking power.  So a bit about FiaB…”We started the business in 2013. Our first real life escape room was in Vienna, Austria. Today our network stretches over 3 continents with over 20 locations. Our exclusive showrooms are located in Sweden (Stockholm), Austria (Vienna) and California (Los Angeles).

Our Research&Development centre is located in Serbia. Our goal is not only to be the best real life escape company on the market, but to have our brand Fox in a Box become the synonym for real life escape games. Our philosophy is to build strong bonds with our partners so that we can grow together in the competitive market of escape games.

Become an important part of a great company which is going to change the face of entertainment forever!

Their franchise models suggest a 2 to 3 month start up time.  They describe the initial start up entry fee as very low.  I am not quite sure what that is but I would imagine depends on a number of factors.  FiaB will also take a fixed commission percentage on a monthly basis.  In return you get: the game (instructions) website, booking system, IT support, marketing strategy and training, services of a designer, any specialist equipment for the room(s) you choose.  Someone from FiaB will come along to help and supervise all installation help train you.

The upside is you know you are getting a quality game and you will be supported through out your business life.  The model seems both sound and popular.  This certainly could be one of those scenarios where a rising tide lifts all boats.  I have witnessed rooms that just look like a jumble sale, crossed with a padlock wrapped in a Sudoku and my heart sinks when I play those game.  As a game player I know when I see FiaB I will have a strong game play experience.  I look forward to playing the remaining 3 games.


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