8 Countries, 48 Rooms – France

Nearly every day on various Facebook escape room enthusiats groups, a new review site or directory plugs itself claiming to be a fully comprehensive list of escape rooms round the world.  The good ones have done the work for you, the bad ones beg for you to fill in what is essentially a well designed shell.  At the moment I still rely heavily on google and trip advisor to stear me in the right direction.  This is how I found Fox in a Box Nice.  It was a few days after the Paris attacks in November and Nice was a sombre place, beautiful yet sombre.  One can only imagine feelings of horror and grief after the recent attacks on Nice itself.  

We had only a weekend in Nice but wanted to visit Monte Carlo so time was at a premium.  There are less than a handful of games in Nice but Fox in a Box offered 3 games to choose from, so we decided to do all 3.  The venue is just a stones throw away from the promenade.  

The reception area was plush and the host extremely hospitibal.  The games mastering happens in and around the reception area but no spoilers can be gleaned.  One of our hosts was over from Serbia training before going back to set up a FIAB franchise.  I will discus at length the company in a future post. 

We started with the hardest game first. “A new kind of virus is spreading.It turns people into Zombies. Most of the planet is now infected and the humanity is at the brink of extinction. You are a team of scientists who are trying to find the cure. You have only 60 minutes to save yourselves and the whole world before the zombies break down the door to the lab… and eat you.” Zombie Lab was hard, particularly for two people.  The was a strong scientific theme to the game which should have had Nicole in her element, excuse the pun. But after failing to escape I think we felt more let down with oursselves than the game.  We went back to th hotel somewhat forlorn.  The setting was good, the puzzles were generally well constructed.  There were a couple of wow factors including an impressive chromospecrometer, if that’s not a real thing my apologies.  Unfortunately the group before us broke it.  For the last year I have considered the Zombie game to be quite low in my overall ranking however when I compare it to many other games out there it does stand head and shoulders above a “bad game’ and I think my grudge against the room had more to do with hurt pride than a poor room.  

We were not deterred by our escape fail the previous day but in fact all the more determined to escape in good time.  

Out next game was Bunker…’A nuclear launch sequence has been started by a mean spy. You are a team of special agents sent to find out who did it and to stop the launch at any cost. You are our last hope if you fail, the whole world will end.’  Having regrouped and discussed strategy Nicole and I were ready for a Cold War show down that would make Reagan and Gorbachev blush.  We escaped just in the nick of time.   I really enjoyed the game and there were a good number of wow factors and taxing puzzles to keep us impressed.  I should say that language is not an issue with the Nice FIAB.  My smattering of German and Nicole being Austrailian meant when they forgot to switch the audio channel to English we were a little lost with one puzzle.  Just let them know your language requirements.  I really liked Bunker.  

Finally we played Central Bank.  Now don’t be deceived, this is not an Brexit style escape room where Eurocrats in Franfurt have to escape monetary union.  No in fact it is …”You are a group of well informed thieves.There is huge amount of diamants hidden in M.Fox’s bank. If you get to the diamonds in one hour you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams, if you don’t you will end your career in jail.”  This was in fact my favourite room, I liked the varied puzzles, the twists and turns but particularly I liked the set up when you enter the room and no I won’t tell you what it is. The pay off made the whole thing a tremendous experience.  I would whole heartedly recommend Fox In A Box – Nice to anyone.  


6 thoughts on “8 Countries, 48 Rooms – France”

  1. Judging by your comments, I think the zombie room is the same as the Madrid Fox in a Box one I played. I came out with a very similar feeling to the one you describe, and we (judging by the leaderboard) acquitted ourselves well in the room. There were several moment in it that I liked, but there were too many puzzles where we didn’t feel they were entirely logical and while I really liked how on-theme some of the puzzles got, there were others that seemed somewhat arbitrary.

    It’s a game I’m glad I did because it was well themed but I didn’t enjoy it massively. Great to see your comparison with other FiaB games – that bodes well should we ever get a chance to play another at their venues (and I’d definitely try to, if I get the chance).

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    1. I’m playing their 4th and final game tonight, the prison one. I am going to write a post on the Fox in a Box model soon. It reminds me of Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares. The solution is always do a few things really well so the 4 archetype rooms are very strong. I would be interested to know if they have any other plans for new rooms.


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