8 countries, 48 Rooms – Singapore

Having only played 2 rooms in Singapore you can take most of what I say with a pinch of salt or dash of Soya. I was heavily jet lagged playing my first game.  Captivate – Escape Rooms was a professionally kitted out company with 4 different themes rooms.  As with nearly all Asian escape rooms get used to air conditioned shopping malls.

The room itself was good.  The decor unusual but cool, the story a little weak but that didn’t matter too much.  With an hour and fifteen minutes to escape there was plenty to do.  Here’s a tip; don’t get stuck.  We got stuck once and were horrified when the young lady ran into the room, asking us what we were working on, then telling us how to do it.

The next game we played was in another shopping mall on the other side of town.  Lockdown: the final escape bills itself as a replay able game.  We debated how that was possible.  Were there key aspects that changed? Was it so hard that you barely made any progress first go and after addiction set in you needed another try?  Nah, the answer was that most of the puzzles were skill based so you could play again to increase your exit speed.  The final part was quite frankly ridiculous.  Let’s just say prior arcane knowledge was required.  Some cool tech used but not really an escape room.  I yeah I forgot to mention it was meant to be scary.  I forgot to mention it because it simply wasn’t.  What was very cool was the cafe/ games room areaa.  Like most good experiences you pay by the hour… Well however long you use it.  You could easily have hung out there playing pool, PS4, board games all day.  Light refreshments were included.

Captivate was good.  Lockdown was Ok but don’t think of it as an escape room and you will definitely enjoy it more.


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