Questerland Prague

Prague is fast becoming saturated with Escape games and since Questerland opened in September of last year around 50 games have opened up in a short space of time. Questerland currently has two rooms open, a bank heist and the intriguing Howarts style Wizard room. I have play a fair few bank robbery games and no particularly looking forward to playing it; I had only really come for the Wizard game. I left loving both. 

The bank game was a masterpiece. High quality puzzles with a well crafted use of technology that doesn’t overwhelm but compliments the game objectives perfectly. We escaped this room with about 15 minutes to spare. It was adrenaline filled and left you wanting more. The games master was really keen to take us back in side and talk about what our team liked.  

Before we played the Wizard game I was lucky enough to go back into the new game they are in the process of constructing based around a zombie virus. I know for some of you you might grown and. I likewise am not a big fan of zombie escape games but this one looked incredible. They are using film set specialist and it shows. 

Now the the finale. When we arrived a Czech family who had never played escape rooms before were being briefed. The children were simply marvelling at the wands clutching them as if they were real.  The wands they are given are not just for show. They actually ‘do things’ in the game. You are free to exclaim lumos if you wish but it is not necessary but yes the wands are an integral part of the game. This is one of the best examples I have seen of using technology to heighten the sense of magic. It really worked. 

Questerland is highly recommended, it has the right balance of puzzles, technology and amazing set design. My trip to Prague has led me to drastically reevaluate my top 10 list of games. Questerland is a definitely in there.  


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