Breakout – KL

After having just played a fun, slightly off the wall room in Time Sqaure, we headed over to the Avenue K shopping mall.  This is a large mall that falls under the shadow of the Petronas Towers.  Breakout also has another building over at NU Sentral.  NU has 6 rooms and Avenue K has 5.  According to those that know, NU is slightly more techy where as Avenue K is a little more cerebral.  I choose two rooms, one because it was billed as the hardest rooms and one purely based on the awesome art work.  We played Oswald’s Greatest Show first.  The briefing strong and engaging and the briefer did a good job of explaining the intricacies of their character system.  In brief each player can choose a character with special abilities such as light bringer, lock master or time bender.  They recommend certain characters for certain rooms.  The chose characters that essentially gave us the option of extra time.  This of course meant hints were subject to how you used the characters.  

Oswald’s room had excellent puzzles and extremely high production values.   The puzzles were integral to the room not simply incidental.  They were varied and there were a couple of wow factors puzzles that pushes a customer from simply enjoying, to desperate to play again.  We escaped with a few minutes to go (this was a 45 minute game) after we had traded in our torch for an extra 5 minutes.  The debrief was professional.  We had a short amount of time for the next game and our new briefer gave exactly the same briefing as her predecessor.  Having thoroughly enjoyed Oswald we were fully prepared for The Greatest Murder of Westwood or at least we thought we were.  Companies with multiple rooms often use similar techniques with in the room and you can get a feel for “how the room works”.  This was not the case here.  Westwood was radically different from Oswald.  High quality puzzles with excellent decor.  I think we may have been a little cocky going in because it was very, very hard.  We got stuck on a couple of things and misused our special powers leaving us fairly lost towards the end.  It was low tech but high brain power required.  There were a couple of the more traditional puzzles but a lot more that required keeping track of a number of different things at once and then connecting all the dots at the end.  It was a highly polished room and definitely recommended.  Do not underestimate how hard it will be; I just wish I could half forget what we know and play it again.  

After breakout we left KL otherwise I would have definitely played as many of the other 9 games we could.  It was a little pricey for Malaysia but you can see why.  Next time I’m back I will book a whole day out to play them all.  


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