Lock down is a really novel idea.  It has a really thoughtful approach to combing all sort of gaming enthusiasts.  So to start with there is an awesome cafe area.  You pay by the hour to stay there but it is totally worth it.  You can help yourself to refreshments and snacks as well as play PS4, play an extensive collection of boardg games or simply kick back and play a few frames of pool.  We took advantage of this for about an hour before our game.  

The room we had booked was billed as a scary room not for the faint of heart.  I love a good scary room and have been disappointed so often with rooms billed as scary.  I was just as disappointed with this room.  This room is also billed as repeatable even if you get out.  This was an intriguing idea and certainly one which could prove lucrative for single room companies.  We were blindfolded and led into the rooms and separated.  The scary element turned out to be an impending bomb explosion.  The puzzles were OK as puzzles but not a whole lot of coherence as why they existed.  I’m also not a massive fan of things made to look like other things.  If you need a brick wall build one don’t have brick wall wall paper.  If you can’t build a brick wall have a normal wall.   There was however some truly remarkable technology used in the room but this did not make up for the slightly bizarre ending.  This is not quite your classic escape room and I am sure it will appeal to many, just not me.  


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