Escape to the Far East

Over the Easter holidays I spent 16 days in Far East, most of which I spent in Malaysia with a little time in Singapore.  I had done a fair amount of research on Asian escape rooms before I went contacting Escman league (MY) and S-capegoats (SG).  The thing I was looking forward to most was just how cheap escape rooms are in Asia, perfect for playing loads of games.  I was impressed with how escape rooms in Asia were integrated into the normal Asian shopping experience, nearly all of them were housed in shopping malls.  This is in stark contrast to nearly all European rooms.  The other big difference is the hint mechanism.  All of the 12 games I played used a person coming in the room as their hint delivery system.  Needless to say I was not a fan and fortunately we didn’t need to use hints very often.  The thing Asian rooms had in common with European ones was the wide gulf between the mediocre and the great.  


6 thoughts on “Escape to the Far East”

  1. You said that KL’s Escape Room had a screen for hints, but above you mention that all rooms had people coming in for clues. Did they also have to come into the room at a different point? I’m curious because the equivalent company in the UK is one of the few UK places that uses the “walk into the room” as the clue giving mechanism, so I find it funny that in a place where that’s normal they have a hint screen…


    1. Great question, the Milk Vault room was only a few weeks old when we started playing it so perhaps this is a new thing for them… We didn’t play any other rooms in Time Square. It is entirely possible that I just made up the hint street though, you know how you convince yourself of something. So I will have to check with my colleagues.


      1. 🙂 I played Escape Land recently and they showed us round the re-construction of their old room in the new location. Two of us were adamant that they changed the shape of one of the puzzles. Until they pointed out it was physically the same puzzle… The mind’s a weird thing!

        Would be great if Escape Room decided to move down the hints on screen path. I hate people walking into the room (mainly because it breaks the immersion, but probably a little because I’m an anti-social Brit!) and I think it’s one of their biggest failings.


      2. They definitely had a computer screen on the wall but since we didn’t need any clues we neither had anything on the screen or anyone coming in. I will check the facts. My colleagues have conflicting recollections. I hated the people hint method to. I will hopefully be able to step up and improve the quality of the reviews after next week when my exam classes leave. I have 14 booked in Prague and Budapest. I’m very excited.

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    1. I have booked in Prague – Mind Maze: Alchemist Chamber, the chamber: mysterious office, hackers nest, Questerland: Bank, Harry’s Magic Room

      Budapest both claustrophilia rooms, rabbit hole and madness at exitpoint, Pirates Cave, white mission and the circus and 1984 at E-Exit.

      I have a bit of wiggle room so I could do a few more during the day if we have some strong recommendations,


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