Escape Room

My third escape room in KL was picked partly out of fun and partly out of convenience.  I was staying in Time Square Berjaya hotel, which if you ever get the chance, try and stay there.  It is luxury at a very good price.  I had been to the time square mall about 7 years ago well before escape rooms had become a thing in KL.  I  certainly remembered the indoor roller coaster!  The Escape Room is just opposite the roller coaster.  Escape room is one of the largest chains of rooms in Asia and the time square facility is the largest boasting 9 rooms.  It’s a huge area, not just 9 tiny rooms crammed into a small space.  

We thought the great chocolate vault looked novel and quite fun.  I must admit to growing tired or prison escapes, secret agent and zombie games and the first opportunity to try something different I jumped at.  The game was sponsored by Dutch Lady Milk, a large dairy company, which again is an interesting concept in a game.  I’m a big fan of multiple rooms and I was not disappointed here.  The time limit of 45 mins keeps you on your toes.  I also liked the fact the hints were delivered through a screen.  The puzzles were strong, the technology was some of the best I have seen in a room.  The time flew by and we escaped with about 5 minutes to spare.  There is a lovely treat at the end.  A masterfully put together room with extremely high production values.  If you’re lucky enough to spend the day in time square, this should definitely been on your list of things to do.  


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