Captivate Escape Room – Singapore 

After a 12 hour flight from London probably the last thing I should have attempted was a 75 minute escape room.  Yes that’s right I did say 75 minutes.  There has been a slow shirt amoung some rooms in Singapore towards a 75 minute model.  Interestingly many rooms in Asia are pitched at 45 minutes.  The reception area was very stylish and well designed so that only a small number of staff could monitor and facilitate hints for a large number of rooms, 5 in total. 

The rooms itself consisted of multiple large rooms.  With a fine balance of technology, thoughtful puzzles and coherent story line, labyrinth:dead men walking didn’t fail to deliver.  There was clearly a lot of thought that gone into the room and the puzzles were varied.  There was nothing new or ground breaking here, a lovely EM puzzle with some strong cerebral logic.   We needed just one clue and it was a little weird when the young lady popped in to deliver it.  Overall a very positive gaming experience that would could have only been slightly improved with real hancuffs and more realistic body parts… Don’t ask!


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