My top 19 escape rooms…




League Tables almost complete

So I have now got almost 20 escape games under my belt from 4 different countries.  Before it starts to get unmanageable I am going to publish my personal favourite league tables.  I say unmanageable because I have a few opportunities to do quite a few rooms over the next 3 months in Singapore, Malaysia, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.  Some of you may be surprise where I think the best rooms can be found.   


House of Nightmares

Our nightmare will not choose us, we choose them. Now if you are ready, come to this hotel. You help yourself to overcome your fears!


Having just played the story of Belis we hot-footed it over to the other Odadan Kacis room about 5 minutes walk away.  Having not opted for the horror theme earlier we were convinced to give it a try with the house of nightmares, we were not disappointed.  All I will say is expect the unexpected.  A rather different feel to Belis, House of Nightmares skilfully blended theatre, a great range of puzzles and an easy to follow story line.  Whilst I managed to keep it together for the duration of the game the Puzzel queen described being paralysed with fear during one section of the game.  This was a first rate game, highly recommended with twists and turns through out.  

Had a great chat with the games masters afterwards.  I was keen to examine a number of the puzzles.  They showed me their mechanisms; it was deeply impressive.  


THE STORY  In the fall of 1964, prisoner Frank Lee Morris and you made an escape plan. But you need much more than a plan; you need a corrupt prison guard to help you out.The prison guard who was the most dirt bag and greedy man of the jail said yes to help you if he got large amount of money.  But he has to operate it secretly so he decided to hide some hints and clues inside the penitentiary. Start his plan from his colleagues with put some sleeping pills to their coffees which will give you almost 1 hour time to escape.  But he forgot someone who did not like coffee and most sociopath prison guard, Henry Pollish, a.k.a “The Killer”. Everything seems in good order but suddenly Henry Pollish captured Morris and dragged him to torture room. Frank Lee Morris was no longer with you and you will be all alone.  Now you had to escape this scary penitentiary by your own.  But do not forget, Guard Pollish now hunting you.


Cage 404 was slightly different to the previous rooms.  Upon arrival there was a small reception type area where you could get into ‘costume’.  There structure of the game was solid, the decor brilliant and the puzzles varied and wonderfully executed.  The escape from escatraz theme was perfectly consistent throughout.  The best thing about the game play was the integrity of the puzzles as part of the theme.  I have played a number of games now where the puzzles are good but completely out of place in the room.  The game was incredibley well designed and I would place this game near the top of my favourite games of all time.