MISSION ACCEPTED – DE, Berlin City Centre

She needs your help. The German Secret Service’s headquarters is in danger. But people think the former special agent is crazy for saying so. Only together you can prevent a catastrophe.She investigated, inquired, did her research. She’s absolutely sure, now: Someone is planning to break into the most secret area of the new BND Headquarters. An enemy in the German Secret Service building! She tried over and over again to warn them – nobody wants to listen. Instead, they want to lock her up now! She has five suspects on her list, but who is the target person? The high-ranking agent or the inconspicuous secretary? The clever data analyst? Is the stereotypical gardener the murderer? Or maybe the chef likes to play with fire a little too much?

Search, think, wrack your brains, crack codes and draw conclusions – immerge into the world of profilers and special agents with our escape game. You are right at the center of a thrilling case. Become Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Columbo, MacGyver, Carrie Mathison, Horatio Caine or Mister T. Solve the case like you saw it’s done in Homeland, CSI, Criminal Minds and True Detectives! Are you ready for your Room Escape Berlin Mission?



The minute you walk into the games area, you are within the situation (although there is a waiting room where you can purchase drinks, and a toilet). 

Conceptually this is beautifully presented, making excellent use of the location – opposite the Secret Service building as part of the plot. This also gives the best “photo memoir” of any we have done – a CCTV capture of you playing the game.

Technically too, this uses computers in a way that exceeds other games – you aren’t just having to access a laptop to look at a video or picture here!!

There were very unusual puzzles included in order to find escape combinations, and the game was more cerebral ie. there was a “Whodunnit” type puzzle embedded within the story.

For a “first time” escape room player, this is a very enjoyable game to play as it is largely linear, the puzzles are all different (it’s not just a series of locks), and the story adds an extra element – and, unlike other rooms with an overarching “mystery”, you MUST have the correct solution to escape.  

Décor ★★★★☆

Storyline ★★★☆☆

Puzzles ★★★☆☆

Overall ★★★★☆


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