Cat in the Bag

Cat in the Bag, Berlin City CentreAlpine Ski Lodge

Alpen. Snowstorm. You are lost, it seems hopeless… and suddenly a small warm house in the middle of nowhere appears, but as soon as you get inside you feel that something is wrong here. What’s going on? The doors are closed and the house is alive. Solve all the secrets and find a way out.

24 players, 60 minutes


There are three games available, “Ski Lodge”, “The Bunker” and “The Prison” – we only had time for “The Prison”, but speaking to the gamesmaster – for a first time player – “Ski Lodge” or “The Bunker” are the way to go.

However, if you’ve played these games before – DO NOT miss out on “The Prison”!!

In a team of two especially, this, for us, was the game to end all games…at least so far!!

This took the concept to a different level. Communication and teamwork really are THE most essential part of the game, the puzzles were excellent (and so fitting within the concept!), and for a team of two who have played previously, you’d be hard pressed to find better – at least at the moment.   The Cat in the Bag is a new “room”, but even speaking with the gamesmasters of other games in the area, they agree, “The Prison” is brilliant.   (It is much MUCH better somehow for a team of 2 though!!!)


Décor ★★★★★

Storyline ★★★★★

Puzzles ★★★★☆

Overall ★★★★★ (…for an experienced team of 2 who want something a little unusual, I’d add an extra star!!)



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