The Beast of Berlin

“Chief Inspector Ernst Gennat has a problem: the “Beast of Berlin” has struck again, directly in his office. You’re employees of the special commission and your task is to find the hiding place of the rampant serial killer. The gripping true story will catapult you directly into Berlin’s roaring twenties.”

After leaving Escape from East Berlin we immediately booked The Rooms other room, The Beast of Berlin.  We were told this room was much more difficult than the previous room.  We did however have an air of confidence about us having completed one already and possessing a much clearer understanding of what to do. The contrast between the 1970s and 1920s décor was stark and welcoming.  I was immediately impressed with the high level of detail, even the cakes on the table seemed real.  Again there was an impressive level of mechanical puzzles that left you feeling extremely satisfied if you were the one lucky enough to trigger the mechanism.

There was a heighten level of suspense in this story, party because of the nature of the escape but also because of the intensity of layout of the room itself.  People of a nervous disposition may want to think twice in this room.  We escaped without the need for clues, well one hint to say what we were doing was the right thing to do, ‘check it again’.  We made it out in good time.

The biggest disappointment was they hadn’t quite finished their third room “Humboldt and the lost treasure”.  From what I understand it is set as something of a sequel to Beast.  It’s definitely somewhere I shall return the next time I’m in Germany.

star rating


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