PLAN52 (ClueQuest)

We can’t really say too much about the room – or rooms, that is part of the mystery – without spoiling the experience but in Plan52 you get the chance to prove your skills to Mr Q in one of his apartments. He really likes to put his wannabe agents under pressure, so be prepared for everything.

Clue quest is still the number 1 ‘top fun activities and games in London’ on trip advisor.  This game certainly has longevity and has become a finely tuned money making machine.  It has a fairly corporate feel and due to its huge success has been able to open 4 games (2 identical rooms so you can race) with another game on the way.  I had a new team of escape room virgins.  We played a mixed team of newbies and veterans.  We had a strong team… well strongish.  Jim hadn’t quite thought through the length of time required to try every combination on the first padlock.11737878_10155776890745557_4372907929920756914_n

The game itself was well designed and a solid game playing experience but there was nothing that leaped out as unique.  The scenario was weak and the décor fairly bland.  The strength was in the puzzles.  Despite there being an over reliance on padlocks and keys some of the puzzles were ingenious and there were a couple of technological puzzles that impressed.  Maybe I am being a little too harsh on the game but I am just not a fan of the secret agent motif.

Another thing was put me off was the map puzzles but that’s only because I hate them so much!  There is a lot to like about this game but it will never rank up there with the greats because of its weak cohesiveness as a story.  There is a lot of very cool stuff in London, there is a lot of history and atmosphere in a city with so much potential for amazing stories so I will never understand secret agent scenarios.  Despite this Thinking Bob still gives it top marks.

Overall its a really good introduction to the escape rooms concept and I played it first I would have probably rated it higher.  Over 1000 trip advisor reviews disagree with me and love it.  At the price of just short of 20 quid each its a fairly standard price for games of this kind and definitely worth a visit.

star rating


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