Escape from London

I think I must be the biggest cheapskate going (either that or I am massively generous by paying for everyone to play and therefore always looking for bargains) but I managed to secure some reduced price escape rooms in London this summer.  The first one  was one of three offerings from Escape Games London, well […]

Fox in a Box

I must admit I never really took to the name.  However in an escape room business world saturated with Escape from this or Escape from that (hands off that name by the way I want it), something unusual and unique has sticking power.  So a bit about FiaB…”We started the business in 2013. Our first […]

Happy Half Century

So picture this.. me sunning myself on a beach in the Canary Islands for several weeks.  Ok so it wasn’t a great sight to behold but it does make you wonder, sun, sea, scape room?  The perfect combination?   After two weeks of relaxing I’d had enough.  Fortunately a friend had just arrived from the UK […]

The 49th Room

There is great divide that exits in North America.  The 49th parallel separates continental USA with Canada.  Interestingly to me, though probably not for anyone else, Charles de Gaulle airport lies on this parallel.  I can hear some of you already asking what on earth this has got to do with Escape Rooms?  Well, recently […]

8 Countries, 48 Rooms – UK

Over the last year my experience of UK escape rooms has been fairly mixed.  My first UK room was at Clue Quest.  Clue quest is still ranked as the number 1 escape room in the UK on Trip Advisor and for good reason.  I had a really good experience at Clue Quest but must admit […]

Escape Travel Guide to Sao Paulo, Brazil (2016)

A big thank you to Robert at for allowing me to guess post this article that appeared on their blog recently. When you ask most people in the world that aren’t from Latin America what they think of Brazil, the response is usually along the lines of parties, crime and jungle, somewhat like thisSimpson’s episode. […]

8 Countries, 48 Rooms – Malaysia 

I played 11 games across 5 companies.  3 took place in KL and the rest were scattered across Penang Island.  For our Malaysian adventure there were 3 escapers, all seasoned hands.  Our first game was in the magnificent Time Square shopping mall.  I had been there previously but this was before escape rooms were a […]